C‌hemical Rocketry 

A fun way to learn rocket science

Space science and its endless mysteries have always fascinated mankind. Ever imagining of how a rocket flies? How to design and launch a satellite? There are always questions and associated answers to them. ‌ 

W‌hat is a chemical Rocket? 

A chemical rocket is a type of rocket which uses a mixture of chemicals (Oxidizer and Fuel) for propulsion.

The aim of the workshop?

The workshop aims at designing and building a chemical rocket which will give the students a great knowledge on rocket science and inspire them to be future rocket scientists. ‌ 

The Sessions

The chemical rocketry workshop contains theory and practical sessions

Theory Session

  1. Introduction to rockets
  2. Types of Rockets
  3. Introduction to Rocket Propulsion
  4. Introduction to rocket design and construction methods
  5. Rules and regulations of amateur experimental rocketry

Practical Sessions

  1. Introduction to chemical rocketry kit
  2. Introduction to open rocket software
  3. Designing rocket using open rocket program
  4. Assembly of rocket
  5. Static test of rocket motor
  6. Pre-launch preparations
  7. Launching Rocket
  8. Post launch analysis

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D‌ates and Location 

Date: 21/07/2019 
Society for Space Education Research and Development (SSERD), 
3rd Floor, 65/1 CM Muniyappa Building, Choodasandra Rd, Choodasandra, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560035 
Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/BuRHWwu3Egz 
Questions? Reach us on: 
[email protected] 
+91 81509 29045 / +91 90033 02275 

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Course Fee: Rs. 1250/student 

(one kit per student). 

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