S‌SERD's Activities in Mauritius 

Launching Mauritius

Space & Science Public Event SSERD was invited to teach Space Technology and Hydro Rocketry Public event for School Students. 

Rajiv Gandhi Science Center, Mauritius

SGAC had organized 2nd African Space Generation Workshop 2018 in Rajiv Gandhi Science Center, Mauritius Nikhitha C, Co-founder and CEO of SSERD was invited to moderate the working group of 25 Delegates from all the African Countries on Space Science for STEAM and Outreach. Delegates from Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Mauritius, Uganda, Djibouti, South Africa etc participated. We are very proud to say that SSERD was part of this huge event and we could reach out and share our thoughts with the African Delegates in the field of Space Science and Education. ‌ ‌